Most sophisticated Computer Technology Future

Computer is one of the technologies are constantly being developed to date, because the computer is a tool that many people need to support an activity. Nowadays more and more countries are competing to find and produce tercanggiih computer in the world. So now many emerging advanced computers are constantly being developed. Designing  stylish folding table legs can also use this technology to be produced more quickly and effectively.

Computer Technology Future

Many companies among countries that continue to develop specifications, quality and speed of computers made by them. Even computers that they created could not last long in becoming the world’s most advanced computer. Because it is their competition is intense. To know how where the development of computer technology in the future be read here: The Development of Computer Technology in the Future

Here we inform you of the most advanced computer in the world:

Quantum computers

Reportedly this computer will be used by NASA (US space agency) and is also used by NASA google. This computer uses the principles of quantum physics and not used Bits but he uses his speed access GuBits 3600 which is faster than conventional computers. The quantum computer can solve mathematical problems only by fractions of a second, because it is in its embedded Processor D-Wave Two.

Tianhe 1A

Tianhe 1A is super computers manufactured by China, and has a speed of 2,000 trillion calculations per second and can record the speed of calculation 2.6 petaflop / s. storage of Tianhe 1A total reached 262 terabytes. And the fastest computer in the world before being defeated by the K computer.


Jaguar is a computer made in the United States, and was once the world’s fastest computer from november 2009 until June 2010, with a speed of 1.75 petaflops / s. jaguar has a Cray Linux Environment operating system with AMD Opteron processor-based X86 amount of 224 256 units. And the memory of 8 GB. However, the overall use of computer memory that is 360 TB with a massive 10 petabytes of storage.